Finally - Free Foundry VTT Hosting

Finally - Free Foundry VTT Hosting

The day has finally arrived and I cannot be more excited to announce a feature that we have been working hard to bring to life. Every day, we see the challenges that GMs have starting Foundry and making their games accessible to their players. The “install-and-connection” channel is one of the busiest of the Foundry Discord server. When we first released Foundry Hosting, we were thrilled that our users could ignore the challenges of port forwarding, firewalls, and audio conferencing, but there was still one hurdle: cost.

Today we’re removing that hurdle — Sqyre is releasing our free Foundry VTT hosting option.

There is so much involved with hosting, and making it available for free came with big challenges. Our funds are not unlimited and there is a cost to support this infrastructure, so we crunched the numbers and have been trying our damnedest to get this out. It’s our belief that what we have today is an option worth putting out to all of you.

The data is still coming in and we track it closely, but based on what we are seeing, we believe a new GM will have everything they need to get started, without paying a penny. Enough resources for a weekly 2-3 hour session, time to do all the prep and space for assets needed for a standard Foundry game.

Our paid memberships bring additional features that we think are definitely worth the cost, like more games, unlimited server time, more gold for our tools, game backups, player game start, more powerful servers, increased storage, and audio capabilities. So if you think you’ll want those things, by all means sign up for a Basic or Advanced plan. You’ll be helping us to keep providing our free offering.

We are still in beta and the edges are a bit rough, and as I mentioned the data is still flowing in, but as long as we can keep the bottom line balanced with our paid memberships we will keep access free.

Bring your Foundry license and have a look. If you have any questions, about adding modules, premium content or importing any existing games, do not hesitate to hit me up on Discord.

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