Great question! For now, gold pieces can be used to create unique, high-quality character portraits and tokens. In the coming months we'll be adding other things you can do with gold, like add extra hosting hours for your game if you're a free user, or generating other types of assets like battle maps.

Of course, some of these features need high-powered servers to run advanced GenAI models. This gets expensive, fast. To let us offer these features to everyone, even free-tier members (and to make sure that power users don't drive up costs for everyone else), we needed a system to limit use.

Nope. Our goal with Sqyre is to make it easy for anyone to easily get started with Foundry. Even those without a lot of spare cash.

No catch. Our dream is for Sqyre to be a self-sufficient business, make money, and all that good stuff. But we think we can do that and still offer some degree of free hosting as long as a percentage of Sqyre users sign up for a paid plan.

If you want the features that we offer in our paid tiers, or if you just want to help out because you like what we're trying to do, then yes, by all means, sign up. If you want to help out but don't want to shell out, that's cool too. Join our Discord and let us know how we can improve. User feedback is super valuable!

This is how we make generous amounts of storage available for cloud distributed assets. It also lets us store your Sqyre-generated character tokens so you don't have to bother downloading/uploading them.

While we're on the topic of assets, any image uploaded also runs through an optimization process that converts it to WebP format. WebP images are often as much as 95% smaller than JPG or PNG, so this helps Sqyre users get more out of their storage, and helps Foundry to load more quickly for players.

Right now, we're still defaulting to v11. Testing on v12 has been positive, but a number of users have expressed concern about the upgrade. So we're only making the move to v12 when requested. At some point, as all of the modules are updated and people are comfortable with it, we'll begin to default to v12.

Older versions of Foundry may work, but we haven't tested them thoroughly. If you have any questions or issues related to Foundry version, hit us up in Discord and we'll get you sorted.

Of course! We hate dark patterns and make canceling your membership (or deleting your account) just as easy as signing up. Just go to your profile and click the "Cancel subscription" button.

We love games, we love tech, and we believe experience is everything. We got sick of using a dozen different tools to play a game, and the options out there for things like Foundry hosting and real-time audio left us wanting. We knew we could do better.