About Sqyre

handsome young squire in front of a medeival encampment

By gamers, for gamers

We’re tabletop gamers, like you. And, like many of you, we made the switch to mostly virtual games during the pandemic. With dynamic lighting, line of sight, and all the rules of our favorite systems at our fingertips (we’re talking about Foundry VTT, obviously), we were hooked.

But as immersive as it is, virtual play asks a lot from our GM. Now instead of rolling out the vinyl mat and tossing down a pack of wet erase markers, he has to find assets, make maps, add walls and lights, and create tokens for all of the PCs, NPCs, and monsters (which alone requires sizing, cropping, framing, saving, and optimizing). All on top of building a campaign world and writing the adventures.

And it’s not just the GM. As players, we have to deal with a slew of tools to manage our game: Slack, Google Calendar, Gmail, Teams, Miro, Foundry… the list goes on.

Enter Sqyre

By day, we make digital products and experiences for Fortune 500 companies. In January of 2024, we decided to apply our collective knowledge in the areas of user experience, web technology, cloud infrastructure, and AI to help groups to run their games.

Like the squires of old, we see our platform as a loyal companion, at your side to hand you the tools you need to carry off your heroic endeavors.

Responsible use of AI

Sqyre appreciates and supports artists. One of our founders graduated as an illustrator from Rhode Island School of Design. Another member of our team is a graphic designer by trade, and she’s the first one to say that generative AI is just one more tool at her disposal.

Even after starting Sqyre, our gaming group continues to pay for professionally made maps, tokens, and other assets. Not just in support of those who put pixels to our imaginings, but because we believe that human creativity will always outstrip generated content.

That said, there are always going to be assets that are impossibe to find or impractical to design. If a GM wants twelve different tokens to depict individual warriors from a desert empire, she’d have to find an artist willing to do it on commision. By Thursday.

That’s where Sqyre comes in. In addition to providing the tools to host your games and coordinate with players, we use a custom-trained generative AI model, finely-tuned prompts, and a multi-stage, node-based workflow to create unique assets to help augment, on demand, what you’re able to create for yourself or buy from others.

Here to serve

We hope that by making it easier to prep for and run tabletop sessions (virtual or otherwise), Sqyre can hep you focus more on what you love: your game.