Foundry­VTT Hosting is Live

Foundry­VTT Hosting is Live

I’m fairly new to the RPG world, only having really started with an in person DnD 5e table about 7 years ago. As we all know COVID hit just a few years after that and our group quickly shifted to virtual.

Roll20 seemed the place to start but when we tried Foundry Virtual Tabletop there was no going back. Such an impressive piece of software with modern UI, great support for lighting, walls, special effects, the giant module ecosystem, the list goes on.

Of course, like hundreds of people before us have said, Foundry hosting is not for the weak at heart. Firewalls, port forwarding, yada yada – it all requires a lot of tech know-how. I’ve spent 2 decades in engineering so it landed right in my wheelhouse. I set up Foundry VTT on the cloud and our GM has been able to activate and run our game for the last couple of years.

And it wasn’t just that setting up Foundry was complex. We also realized that we require many separate tools and services to support a virtual game, and there just wasn’t a good place that brought them all together. We believe there is room for a service that can centralize the planning, hosting and playing of these games in a way that even my teenage kids can easily get started. Hosting seemed a necessary first step, so we’re happy to say we have launched the beta version of our hosting.

As a bonus, we have also launched the first of our tools to create high quality portraits for player and non player characters. It’s one of many we’ve planned to release in the coming days and weeks. Now that we have the “table stakes” out of the way, we’re really excited to start to put time into the next set of features. Stay tuned… amazing things are on the way.

If you’re interested in joining the ranks of our beta testers, please feel free to drop us a line at support@sqyre.app or join our newly formed Discord.